Top Tips For Software Developers

Rules, guidelines, tips ibet2u – you can call them what you want, in the end they should help you to be more productive and work more efficiently. In addition to personal resolutions – such as exercising regularly or ensuring a healthy diet – there are of course many professional rules that should contribute to a more productive everyday work.

There are numerous lists of tips and tricks designed to help software developers be more productive and efficient. In addition, there are your own rules that are intended to encourage more motivation.

Technology is just the tool, not the finished solution

At regular intervals, new frameworks, programming languages ​​and tools are thrown on the market, which are touted as the egg-laying woolly pig for solving all programming problems . In fact, they are only the tools to arrive at a solution, not the solution itself. In addition, not every problem can usually be solved with the same tool and so the preference for a certain tool often creates new difficulties.

“Skill” is the enemy of “clearly”

One of the top goals of any web developer should be to write code that is clear and easy to understand. Here, clean and easily readable code is much more valuable than code that is difficult to understand – no matter how skilfully it is written. Exceptions confirm the rule, but usually cleverly written code is not really clear.

Write code only when it is really necessary

At first glance it might seem contradictory to write code only when it really has to be – after all, as a software developer you get paid to write code – in fact, it makes your life a lot easier. Many developers are tempted to add features to their code that go beyond the functionality required, but it is usually this extra code that ends up causing the problems.

Comments are mostly “bad”

Comments in the code are usually a double-edged sword. On the one hand, comments on the code can be communicated that cannot be clearly read from the code itself, but on the other hand – in contrast to the actual code – they are only rarely revised. This is exactly where the danger lies, however, because errors can easily creep in, especially if the comments are not checked with the code. Therefore, comments should be avoided as far as possible and these should always be revised when the code is changed.

Know what you want the code to do before you start writing code

It should be logical: if you don’t know what the code is supposed to do, you can’t write good code. Therefore, you should be clear about what you want to achieve with the code before you write it. Test-driven development can help with this , but it is also not a panacea for preventing you from writing the wrong code.